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‘if you think compliance is expensive, try non compliance’

Running a private limited company in India can be an expensive affair without having to do any active business being transacted through the same. We often find companies started between friends and family to do a new venture however the business fades out in a few months. Although the existence of the company continues and ends up being non compliant due to lack of interest and expense of compliance. In such a scenario, a smarter option would be to wind up the company to avoid further piling up of cost and notices from regulators.

In order to address all such cases, the ‘fast track exit’ scheme introduced by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) under section 248 of the Companies Act 2013, India may be explored. It enables promoters of companies which have been non compliant/ dormant to shut their company with limited documents, costs and at a faster pace.

The MCA further has also published a list of companies which have been non compliant over the past few years and should consider either applying under the above scheme or putting right their compliance. Refer the attached link to check if your company is listed or not.

How to apply for fast track exit scheme?

Step 1

Eligibility to apply for the scheme
(any ONE condition)

  • No business been commenced within 1 year of its incorporation

  • Subscribers to the Memorandum of Association (MoA) have not paid subscription amount upto 180 days from incorporation date

  • Not carrying on any business for a period for 2 preceding financial years

Step 2

Information required from client
(If eligible)

  • KYC of directors and shareholders

  • Digital signature of 1 director

  • Latest financial statements (if applicable)

Step 3

Reach out to us

Send the collated information to ShutMyCompany. We will prepare the requisite documents, get your signatures and make the necessary application.

Fees: Rs. 12,500 onwards + GST (all govt fees included)

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We are a specialized platform of Treelife Consulting (, a business consulting firm based out of Mumbai, that supports Startups and SMEs in their financial, legal and compliance matters. We not only enable companies to apply under the closure scheme, but also assist in regularizing their compliances.

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